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Your Comprehensive Spine MRI Analysis Suite

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Labeling and Segmentation
Reduces reading time and minimizes errors with a clear view of anatomical structures.
Sagital View of lumbar spine with AI for spine mri
Minimize variability and ensure longitudinal consistency with standard measurements for disc height, spinal canal and more.
Abnormality and Incidental findings
Detects and flag suspected positive findings and decreasing the time to report submission with
Degenerative Pathologies
Rapid and accurate pathology detection with a clear and concise summary table readily available for quick confirmation of findings.
Sagital View of lumbar spine with AI for spine mri
Report generation
Simplifying the interpretation process with pre-filled templates within your dictation software

Committed to Evidence

Artificial intelligence should be held to the same standard as human providers.
If one of our solutions does't pass clinical rigor, we refine it until it does.

AI Simplifies Prior Authorizations Approval for Lumbar Disc Degeneration

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AI Predicts Lumbar Stenosis Surgery Candidates

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AI Streamlines
Diagnoses Lateral Lumbar Stenosis Based on Self Reported Symptoms

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AI shows comparable performance to Radiologists in Diagnosing Lateral Lumbar Stenosis

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Making spine MRI easier for radiologists one interpretation at a time

Radiology Insights

Blog 1

Spinal stenosis detection and lcassification on MRI with AI
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Surgery Candidacy Assessment

Spinal stenosis diagnosis from symptoms alone with AI
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MRI Interpretation

Spinal stenosis surgery prior authorization approval with AI
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Revolutionize spine MRI interpretations

with Artificial Intelligence

Experience the future of radiology with Remedy Logic's cutting-edge AI solution. Automate measurements, detect anomalies, and streamline the interpretation process for enhanced patient care.

Automated MRI Analysis

We understand the importance of time in your profession. That's why our solution is designed to help you get through MRI studies faster, providing immediate insights as soon as you begin your day. With Remedy Logic, speed meets precision, ensuring you can dedicate more time to patient care and less to mundane tasks.

Seamless Integration, Instant Results

Our commitment to your efficiency extends to seamless integration into your PACS system. Experience the ease of having everything ready for you, right from the start. No delays, no additional steps—just a reliable tool that effortlessly becomes part of your daily routine, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Reliability Redefined

As the pioneers of AI for spine MRI interpretation, we empower radiologists to become visionaries in shaping patient care, backed by the efficiency and reliability of our cutting-edge technology. Join the growing community of radiologists who have embraced Remedy Logic and unlock the full potential of healthcare excellence.

Efficient Support Tailored to You

Helping you navigate the challenges of MRI interpretations is our expertise. With a focus on reliability, our solution is not just a tool—it's a tailored support system crafted for radiologists. Count on us to deliver results, streamline your workflow, and be the dependable partner you can trust to make your workday smoother.

The Remedy Logic Blueprint

The mechanics behind our solution, designed to simplify your workflow and revolutionize the way you approach radiology.


Integration in a Snap

Our first step is integrating Remedy Logic directly into your existing PACS/RIS systems. This is a swift and hassle-free process that ensures a seamless merger with your daily workflow.


Instant Study Access

Once integrated, accessing MRI studies becomes a breeze. Open the study in your viewer, and witness the immediate impact as our AI co-pilot gets to work, highlighting pathology and measurements with just a single keystroke.


Automation at Your Fingertips

Experience the power of automation as routine processes are effortlessly handled by Remedy Logic. Count on us to streamline your workload, making tedious tasks a thing of the past.

Experience the Remedy Logic Advantage with Zero Risk!

We're not just offering a product; we're providing a commitment to your success. Try Remedy Logic risk-free and discover the unparalleled impact it can make on your daily workflow. Your time is valuable, and so is your satisfaction. With us, the benefits are crystal clear, or there's no cost to you.

Live at 100+ Facilities: Join a growing community of healthcare providers benefiting from Remedy Logic across diverse facilities. Your success story could be the next one we showcase.

Backed by Years of Research: Trust in a solution that's been rigorously tested and refined for optimal performance.

Trained on 5 Million MRI Studies: Trained on 5 million MRI studies, our AI is finely tuned to meet the unique demands of your profession.

Customer testimonials

Our AI solution has transformed the way we interpret spine MRI.

"RAI has significantly reduced our workload and improved accuracy."

Dr. Emily Johnson

Radiologist, XYZ Hospital

"Remedy Logic's AI technology is a game-changer in radiology."

Dr. Michael Thompson

Radiologist, ABC Hospital

"RAI has revolutionized our workflow and improved patient care."

Dr. Sarah Davis

Radiologist, DEF Hospital

"Remedy Logic's AI technology has exceeded our expectations."

Dr. David Wilson

Radiologist, GHI Hospital

"RAI has made our interpretation process more efficient and accurate."

Dr. Jennifer Lee

Radiologist, JKL Hospital

"Remedy Logic's AI technology has transformed radiology practice."

Dr. Robert Johnson

Radiologist, MNO Hospital

"RAI has improved our efficiency and patient outcomes."

Dr. Laura Smith

Radiologist, PQR Hospital

"Remedy Logic's AI technology has enhanced our diagnostic capabilities."

Dr. Christopher Brown

Radiologist, STU Hospital

"RAI has made our workflow more efficient and accurate."

Dr. Elizabeth Wilson

Radiologist, VWX Hospital

"Remedy Logic's AI technology has revolutionized our practice."

Dr. John Anderson

Radiologist, YZA Hospital

Validated in peer-reviewed publications

Our Ai is already on par with human doctors in:

MRI Interpretation

Spinal stenosis detection and lcassification on MRI with AI
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Surgery Candidacy Assessment

Spinal stenosis diagnosis from symptoms alone with AI
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MRI Interpretation

Spinal stenosis surgery prior authorization approval with AI
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Prior Authorization Decisions

Spinal stenosis surgery candidacy determination with AI
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